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Mar 23rd 2016

After nutrition, comes skin care which is key in achieving glowing and a healthy skin. The best tip is knowing what type of skin you have. Dry skin - if you wash your face and after drying, if it remains dry, then u have dry skin. Normal skin- skin does not stay dry/oily just perfect. Combination skin- your skin is dry and oily at times. your t-zone area stays oily after makeup or applying lotion. T-Zone are your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Oily skin- your skin stays oily most of the times. Also weather and products used on your face can affect your skin. Also you can have sensitive skin - I do. You might react to products that have alcohol and herbs that might cause irritations on your skin. So stay away from any products that use alcohol. use alcohol free.

CLEANSING: This is the first step. Basically just a fancy name for washing you skin. Please ladies wash/cleanse your skin at night, make sure you remove all makeup!!!

2. Use a toner

3. Use a moisturizer