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Welcome to Jakeala! 

We're so glad you're here.  We handcraft herbal infused eco friendly health and beauty products. That means products that feel good, with great ingredients should help you feel like your best self. We combine clean natural ingredients, ancient practices and modern science.


Jakeala is an artisan health and beauty company based in Virginia USA. The mission of Jakeala is to create transformative self care within the health beauty industry and directly support women dealing with infertility.  Jakeala is founded by Barin, her grandmother was a midwife, farmer, herbalist and made herbal products for the community. Our mission is to make everyone feel beautiful about their hair and skin. We have curated high quality beauty products that honors their being. We value community, inclusivity and transformative self care. 


Our products are handcrafted using natural herbs, high quality ingredients, paraben free, phthalate free and never tested on animals. Every ingredient in our product matters to your skin and hair. We ethically source ingredients made in America and from local women around the world. We have been featured in Essence Magazine, Mother Earth Living Magazine, GQ Italia, YourTango, PopSugar, NaturallyCurly and much more. And we won best shampoo bar 2015 from NaturallyCurly.


 We give back over 10% to women and non profit organizations. We partner with The Voice Of Truth Radio and Chesapeake Regional Jail by hosting an annual conference yearly to provide resources for ex inmates. We also host yearly events for infertility as this matters to the Founder Barin. Barin struggled with infertility and also as a black woman herself lacked resources. Most women struggle with infertility and lack funding. Hence, giving back to others is so crucial to us.


Thanks for Joining us on this Journey!

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