Private label Face Mist Toner

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We know how intimidating it can be starting  your hair or skin care products. Let us help you! This package includes  basic startup products to get started with your brand.

Our natural face toner includes a base of green tea and aloe vera. Great for all skin types with infusion of lemon and rosemary to reduce oiliness.  

Wonder Skin Refresher


(10) 4 oz BPA FREE Plastic Bottles - lass bottles an additional charge of $2 each.

What is included?

- Bottles

- Labels designed for you and applied on the bottles

- Ingredients

This listing is for 10 products. Containers are included with lids.  



All labels will include the following information:

You will provide us your logo

QUANTITY:  2 fl oz. / 59 ml

DIRECTIONS: Directions for use will be will applied to all labels.

CAUTIONS: Cautions will be will applied to all labels.

DISTRIBUTION INFORMATION: Please provide the following below

  • Company or Personal Name
  • City, State & Zip Code
  • Email, Website or Phone #


Terms & Conditions

Please note all private label products do not include any of the products we sell. This will be a basic custom formula for your brand. You will be able to select unscented or scented. And a contract sent once payment is received.

There are NO REFUNDS of any sort given on formulations

By submitting your order, you are agreeing to the terms & conditions stated above!


 Please allow 4-8 weeks for production and shipment. Please allow 4 weeks for production of re-order. Re-orders can take u to 6 weeks depending on peak times.