Amla Natural Hair Butter Parfait

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A wonderful hair butter cream for dry hair types. Use as a sealant as a pomade or oil in LCO or LOC method to seal in moisture. So what does it do?

Bhringaraj - Provides strength to hair strands and roots, discourages hair loss, improves hair texture and much more.

Amla- Promotes  a healthy scalp,  discourages premature graying of hair and highly prized for it's wonderful hair benefits.

Brahmi - Cools the scalp, promotes a long healthy strand and good for scalp issues.

Neem - Imagine using a herb more potent than garlic,   a wonderful powerhouse and good for scalp issues.

For fine hair, use as a prepoo(apply before using a shampoo and leave on for 5 minutes and wash out with a shampoo).

Ingredients: Raw Shea Butter,  Ayurvedic Powders(Amla, Brahmi,  Bringaraj,  Fenugreek), Neem Oil, Aloe Vera, Calendula extract,  Chamomile, Hemp Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Honey(Optional for vegans), Optiphen(Paraben Free Preservative includes Phenoxyethanol & Sorbic Acid).

Directions:  Rub into your palms and then apply onto hair. Use as a leave in moisturizer,  apply onto scalp and strands, use as a  pre poo. Great for twist outs, braid out, bantu knots.

**Great for Kinky and Natural hair. This strikingly beautiful terrarium will make a welcome addition to your home bringing some green to the scene. A handblown glass sphere rests freely on a thick, concave carved fir base allowing it to be angled in any direction. 

Size 8oz